Jim Overstreet

Jim’s career in printing began as a retail installation coordinator, then area sales representative for Hallmark Carks, Inc. in 1986. He worked with Hallmark store-owners in east Texas, helping them to plan product distribution and seasonal orders in their stores. His introduction into flexographic label printing came while Jim was employed by Jordan Graphics as an area salesman of business forms and labels in Atlanta, GA. In 1988, Label America hired Jim as their second outside sales representative. His experience at Label America provided a wealth of training in flexographic printing, and key strategies for seeking and securing niche markets. Additionally, his time at Label America provided Jim with a birds-eye view of the entire process of prospecting and sales, manufacturing, inventory management, and shipping. During his time at Label America, Jim systematically grew his sales territory to annual sales well in excess of $1,000,000. After eight years in the environment, Jim decided to follow his entrepreneurial urge. He did so initially as a part of the team of distributors at Print Image, LLC., and finally in 2009 as the owner of Providence Printing, Inc. Establishing long-term relationships with key clients, and continuously developing new ones has been the trademark of Jim’s twenty-seven plus years in business. In addition to his expertise in flexographic printing, as a broker, Jim has established vendor relationships in many other categories - including toner and ribbon sales, as well as multi-part and pressure seal forms and checks. Under Jim’s leadership, Providence Printing boasts an excellent record service to its customers, and prompt pay to it’s suppliers. Jim’s commitment to his customers, his diversity of experience, and his successful track record makes him uniquely qualified to be a leader within the sales structure of a label manufacturing business.

In 2013, along with two other partners, Jim worked to open New Creation Labels and Packaging in Marietta, GA. Since that time, New Creation has experienced outstanding growth - serving a variety of needs. From prime product labels similar to what you will find on barbecue sauce labels, to custom adhesive, to flexible packaging, and blister card applications. New Creation offers products to a wide variety of industries.